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Universal knowledge - Cable size and kind you have made

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-28
In fact, cable, there are a lot of different classification, then what are there specific for each model, type, you have a clear understanding? Today the communication cable factory, just to give you a simple list, let you know. : crosslinked PVC insulated cable supply, aluminum stranded wire and steel core aluminum stranded wire, silane crosslinking of PVC insulated power Tailfeng lan cable, high fire-resistant cable supply, cold-resistant power cables, cross-linked polyethylene insulated power cable, etc. Control cables, plastic insulated control cable, high temperature crosslinking polyethylene control cable, control cable, the Ann model signal control cable, high fire control cable, cold heat control cable, ethylene propylene rubber insulation flame-retardant control cable, poly (ethylene propylene chloride insulated control cable, etc. Signal cable and computer cable: detection device using shielded cable, plastic insulation plastic sheath signal cable, mining cable, electronic computer type electric/distributed instrumentation signal cable, etc. Communication and communication cable: copper core polythene insulated PVC sheathed local telephone cable, copper core paper insulation star lead set of high-frequency symmetrical communication cable, computer network system data communication cable, etc. Electrical equipment with wire and cable: general rubber set soft cable, plastic cable, rubber insulated wire and cable, flame retardant PVC insulated connection with soft cables, PVC insulated shielded Tailfeng lan cable, silicone rubber series cable, signal cable for mine, mine rubber sleeve. That is, communication cable manufacturer to give you a simple list, if you have any requirements on the communication cable, can contact us at any time, welcome your arrival.
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