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Unqualified power cable exists, the prohibition why?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-06
The popularity of Tailfeng lan cable is now where all have its existence, its value is, the urban distribution environment is complex, often short-circuit situation, lead to the power supply is insufficient, here is the insulated wires. Small make up to tell you, overhead insulated wire lightning protection measures. (1) installation of ground wire, lightning protection effect is best, this method feasibility and difficulty is big, but the cost is high. (2) improve the level of pressure line insulator, 10 kv insulator in for lightning protection insulator, will greatly improve the level of lightning protection. (3) in the minefield or more according to certain span installation line lightning arrester, reducing lightning strike accident. (4) extension was shining path, leading to easy arc extinguish, local increase insulation strength, such as reinforced insulation on the wires connected to the insulator, and the long path lightning arrester and so on. 5. Local stripping the insulation wire, make local become bare wires, which arc able to slide in the stripping section, rather than a fixed at a certain point ablation, at the same time also can provide a hang ground for future construction. Pay attention to our website to know more products information, here's what you want the Tailfeng lan cable, the products of our company is absolutely let you rest assured, must make you satisfied.
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