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useful samsung flight accessories

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-07
The essential accessory in the car charger car with USB port is the car charger.
It will charge the phone when you drive.
The charger comes with an adapter that is installed on the power outlet of the car and a micro USB Tailfeng lan cable connected to a Samsung flight.
The blue LED light shows the phone charging.
The charger also has a USB port that can be used to charge the second device.
The car charger with a USB port costs $12. 95.
The essential Samsung flying car accessory for IGrip KitAnother travelers is this iGrip travel suit.
With iGrip, you can drive without fumbling on your phone.
Just put the phone on the stand and rotate it to the desired position.
It is designed to hold the phone in place.
The suction cup securely connects the bracket to the windshield.
The discount store offers iGrip Traveler kit for $24. 95.
Samsung\'s WEP570 Bluetooth headset makes free phone calls on Samsung flights.
It transmits and receives audio from the phone via a wireless connection.
Multiple technologies including echo cancellation and noise filtering support sound quality.
It is also designed to block noise from the wind.
Samsung\'s WEP570 Bluetooth headset is available at a discount store for $34. 95.
Screen protector protects the screen of Samsung flight by applying screen protector.
The vinyl film is designed to reduce the risk of scratches on the screen and prevent dirt.
There are 15 screen protectors in each package, including a rubber scratch card.
Each movie is big enough to accommodate a Samsung flight.
Cut and apply according to size.
Without adhesive, the film will be attached to the surface of the screen.
The discount store offers screen protectors for $9. 95.
One of Samsung\'s convenient flight accessories is the standard battery.
It is especially useful when you are not near the wall outlet or do not have a charger.
900 mA lithium battery
When the Samsung flight battery runs out of power, the Ion battery replaces it.
The standard battery is available at a discount store for $29. 95.
Another way to charge a Samsung flight battery for travel charging is to connect it to the nearest wall outlet with a travel charger.
The travel charger has an AC adapter connected to any wall outlet and a micro USB Tailfeng lan cable connected to a Samsung flight.
This is an essential accessory when you travel.
Tour chargers are available at discount stores for $13. 95.
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