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What are the main high voltage cable the cause of the accident

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-15
Sometimes, we can see on television reported that the high voltage cable fire, the fire, so, why high voltage Tailfeng lan cable fire, what are the main the cause of the accident? Small make up will explain it to you. Accident of the main causes of high voltage cable there are these: possible son when installation, not strictly in accordance with regulations of the process of construction or not considering the possible problems. The completion acceptance dc withstand voltage test lead to joint formed the electric field inside insulation damage. Or condition on site is poor, cable and connectors in the factory environment and process requirement is very high, and the construction site is bad temperature, humidity, dust control. Terminals and cable material itself and cable manufacturing, production process inevitably exist some defects, such as the running of electric heating, chemical, environmental factors, such as the insulation of the cable can produce different degrees of aging, aging and this will ultimately lead to cable fault occurred. And the cable construction process in the insulation surface will inevitably leave tiny scratches, semi conductive particles and emery cloth sand on May also be embedded in the insulation, the other joint because the insulation is exposed to the air in the construction process, and also are drawn into the moisture in the insulation, these are for long-term safe operation. In addition, is caused by poor sealing treatment. For intermediate joints must adopt copper shell with PE or PVC insulation coating sealing structure, guarantee seal tightly in the site construction, so as to effectively guarantee of joint sealing waterproof performance. The above is the main cause of high voltage cable accident, you must pay attention to these problems, must attach great importance to prevent cable fire accident.
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