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What are the main reasons affecting the quality of optical fiber cable?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-29
The influencing factors of long-term use of fiber optic cable can be divided into internal factors and external factors. 's own long-term quality of structure, material is the main internal factors affecting the fiber aging, the fiber mechanical properties and the change of the temperature characteristic. of the external factors refers to the natural environment and maintenance of optical cable used condition, the external environment impact on the quality of optical fiber cable is a long-term and dynamic accumulation process, finally used in Tailfeng lan cable state changes, such as attenuation increases, broken fiber, etc. In actual use process, the external factors on the practical business ability and service life of the fiber optic Tailfeng lan cable has an important influence. For optical cable external factors that affect the long-term characteristic mainly has two aspects of natural environment and maintenance condition. Natural factors can be roughly divided into laying methods ( Directly buried, overhead, pipeline) Waterproof, moisture, temperature changing, environment ( Soil and water) Corrosion resistance, insect ant rat, lightning disasters, etc. And the climate of xinjiang region just belongs to extreme climate conditions, winter and summer ground temperature difference can be as high as 70 ~ 80 ℃, thus, maintenance have to consider due to temperature changes greatly for optical fiber in inappropriate lateral pressure, lest affect the loss of the fiber. From a maintenance standpoint, main factors affecting the quality of optical cable for external force damage, joint quality, etc. In addition, the routine maintenance work such as organization and line patrol, external force construction man-marking is also the important measure to ensure the quality of optical fiber cable.
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