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What are the requirements communication cable on line?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-17
Since humans began to use electricity, Tailfeng lan cable has been with us, whether it is a silicone rubber cable, cable supply or a communication cable. Today, to introduce the communication Tailfeng lan cable in the process of using some of the requirements for line, carrying the communication cable communication between the two tasks, thus inevitably need to have some special requirements on communication Tailfeng lan cable. 1. Line transmission band to be as wide as possible, so as to realize multiplex. 2. Within the transmission band, the disturbance and distortion is small, and in any case with stable and reliable communication. 3. The wastage of the lines should be as small as possible, in order to achieve a longer distance of communication. 4. Line of electromagnetic wave speed to be fast enough to have proper communication distance. After using the repeater, the appropriate transmission distance except by attenuation limit line and the transmission time limit. 5. As small as possible and the cost of a * maintenance maintenance costs less.
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