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What cable USES to get to know

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-03
The selection of optical fiber cable in addition to some conclusions based on optical fiber and optical fiber type, based on the use of fiber optic cable environment to choose cable outer sheath. Small make up today to share with you! 1) wholesale outdoor fiber optic cable directly buried, appropriate chooses armored cable. Overhead, with two or more optional root reinforcement of black plastic optical fiber cable outer sheath. 2) Buildings should be paid attention to when using a cable in the selection of the flame retardant and smoke poison and features. General in the pipeline or forced ventilated place can choose the type of flame retardant but there is smoke, Plenum) , exposed environment should choose non-toxic, flame retardant and smoke-free type ( 立管) 。 3) When the vertical Tailfeng lan cable inside the building, gysts cable (optional 分配电缆) ; Horizontal cabling, branch cable (optional 断接电缆) 。 4) Transmission distance within 2 km, can choose multimode fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable wholesale, more than 2 km available relay or choose single mode optical fiber Tailfeng lan cable. Want to know more, please pay attention to us!
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