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What is the difference between power cables and control cables

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-24
Everyone should know the cable supply and control cable, how much would know about these two kinds of cable, again! What's the difference between these two kinds of cable, below, small make up just to explain the difference between power cables and control cables. The main difference between power cables and control cables are these: cable supply in power system in the trunk to electricity transmission and distribution functions, control cable from the power system of power distribution point transmit the electrical energy directly to all kinds of electric equipment of power supply connection. There is power cable of rated voltage is commonly 0. 6/1 kv and above, control cable is mainly for the 450/750 v. Standards of control cable is 9330, power cable GB12706 is the standard. The color of the control cable insulation wire core is usually white, black and low are generally color separation power cable. On the other hand, is to control the cross section of the cable is generally not more than 10 square, power Tailfeng lan cable is mainly the power of that are generally large cross section. The same specifications of the power cables and control cables in production, the cable supply insulation and sheath thickness is thicker than the control cable. This is the difference between power cables and control cables, all of these two kinds of cable should have a better understanding of the! We are specializing in the production of 35 kv overhead lines, henan communication cable, optical fiber cable manufacturer, the manufacturer of power cable, overhead wire manufacturers, the main products are: overhead lines, 35 kv overhead lines, communication cable, optical cable, cluster wire, computer cable etc. ,
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