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What is the purpose of the steel core aluminum stranded wire galvanized?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-12
Steel core aluminum stranded wire is actually an extension of the coating quality control, quality control after coating control is specifically to steel strip computer segment in the process of production process quality control of each process, and quality control of steel core aluminum stranded wire is including raw material, after the computer from the entrance to the exit section and Tailfeng lan cable product packaging production process of the whole process of quality control, control method and control is more comprehensive than coating, more complex. Steel is the main ingredient in steel, followed by a small amount of carbon, in the atmospheric environment, exist in the acid gases in the air, such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, dissolve in water vapor, to form carbonic acid or sulfite, in coastal areas, the humid air contains salt. When the weak acid on steel surface, began electrochemical reflect: iron element in steel surface potential is lower, and higher potential of carbon Fe2C of, among them with carbonate or sulfurous acid electrolyte, the three formed a system of micro batteries. The corrosion are very common, according to statistics, the world each year, a quarter of losses in the corrosion of steel.
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