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What kind of flexible cable is high quality cable?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-13
A: tensile center according to the flexible cable core number and each conductor cross region of space, in the center of the cable as far as possible with a true center filling line ( Rather than under normal circumstances, there are some filler or waste garbage core made of filling) This method can effectively protect the winding structure, to prevent the winding cable at the center of the area. 2: conductor flexible conductor shares structure is as soft as possible, using superfine no oxygen copper wire fine twisted conductors. 3: wire insulation insulation material of flexible cable cannot stick with each other, and at the same time insulation also need to support a single conductor. So only * * of high pressure molding of PVC/TPE material can used for applications that millions of meters cable drag chain, confirm their reliability and durability. Four: the winding structure of flexible Tailfeng lan cable wire structure must be * better twisted pitch around a stable tensile around the center. However, the adoption of insulation materials, the winding structure should be designed according to its state of motion characteristics. When a number of core 12 or more, you should use of bundles twisted way. Within five: sheathed flexible cable type extrusion molding of inner sheath used instead of cheap material of wool or other filler, to ensure that the winding structure will not messy. Six: blocking high flexible cable by optimizing the braided Angle will shield tightly woven, sheathed outside. Loosely braid will reduce the signal anti-interference ability and shield also soon because of the shielding wire fracture and failure. Tightly woven shield also has anti torsion, torsion performance. Seven: outer sheath flexible cable outer sheath made of different material of modified with different functions: UV resistance, UV ultraviolet:) , low temperature resistance, oil resistance, and high cost performance. But all these outer sheath all have one thing in common: high wear resistance, and won't attach to anything. Outer sheath must have high flexible, but also have the support function, must therefore be high pressure extrusion molding.
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