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What methods of identification of overhead lines?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-17
is refers to the overhead lines, it can be defined as: an aggregate of consists of the following parts: a root or insulated wire core, and they may have a coating layer, the protective layer and the outer sheath; may also have additional not insulated conductors. But how to discern the stand or fall of overhead lines, yinhai Henderson overhead lines give you simple say: first: buy wire must recognize normal brand, choose accord with relevant standards and quality certification ( If CCC certification) , the factory product certification, to regular stores or manufacturers agents may choose wire and Tailfeng lan cable products. Second: pay attention to the conductor material is copper, aluminum, aluminum wire to oxidation and corrosion, the joint parts easy to strike a light, fire incidence is copper wire dozens of times, therefore, the state has mandated that copper wires should be used in the new housing. High quality copper wire, the copper with high purity red copper, outer light and soft, easy oxidation of low quality wire core, surface black and dark. Third: the insulation quality, inferior wires used insulating material is recycled plastic recycling, colour and lustre is dim, the soft, uneven thickness, the insulating ability is poor, open flames lit with lighter, easy to aging or breakdown voltage; And qualified insulation bright color, uniform thickness, when lit the halogen-light and so on.
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