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What's the power cable shielding layer for

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-23
The outermost generally as rubber or synthetic rubber wire and cable, this is the role of a layer of a insulation, but also protect the Tailfeng lan cable from harm. 1, because of the cable supply through a larger current, current creates a magnetic field around, in order not to affect other components, so can shield the electromagnetic shielding added within the Tailfeng lan cable. 2, can be played a grounding protection, if damage occurs in the cable core, leaked current can be suitable shielding layers such as grounding network, have the effect of security protection. If it is a control Tailfeng lan cable, the other makes no difference, but in many places, particularly in the computer system control cable, the shielding layer is used to block foreign influence, because of its current is very weak, very afraid of the outside electromagnetic field effects.
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