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Why is our necessities of power cable connection?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-06
Installation of cable supply conductor connection, is the production of various types of cable head important constituent, it is very important for long-term safe operation of the line. conductor connection methods have pressure welding method, welding method. Conductor connection request is in temperature rise shall not exceed the transfer current Tailfeng lan cable conductor temperature value, and can bear the tension of cable conductors allow. Pressure connection, adopt the appropriate mechanical pressure between conductors or conductors connected to the power of electric conduction contact between hardware interface methods. According to the conductor after the connection is removable and can be divided into clamping ( Removable) Connection and compression ( Sealed or dead connection) Connect the two. Welding method, is used only for small section of Tailfeng lan cable connection. Aluminum core pressure welding, copper welding or pressure. So our become a staple of cable supply connection!
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