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With the power what are the purposes?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-23
1: bare wires and bare conductor products the main characteristic of this kind of product is: pure metal conductor, insulation and sheath layer, such as steel core aluminum stranded wire, copper bus bar, line of electric locomotive, etc; Processing technology mainly is the pressure processing, such as melting, rolling, drawing, twisted/compressed tightly twisted, etc. ; Products are mainly used in suburban, rural, user, the main line, switch cabinets, etc. 2: the cable supply of this kind of product main features are: the crowded (outside the conductor Around) Package insulating layer, such as overhead insulated cable, or a few core stranded ( Corresponding power system phase line and zero line and ground) , such as more than two core overhead insulated cable, or add sheath layer, such as plastic/rubber wire and cable. The main technology has drawn, twisted, insulation extrusion ( Around the package) , cabling, armor, protecting layer extrusion, such as combination of different processes of various products have a certain distinction. Products are mainly used in hair, with, lose, and high voltage power transmission of the power supply circuit, through the current big ( Dozens of Ann to thousands of Ann) , high voltage, 220 v to 500 kv and above) 。 3: electrical equipment with wire electrical main features are: the product specification is various, the wide range of applications, the use of voltage in 1 kv and below is more, to derive new products constantly, in the face of special occasions, such as fireproof cables, flame retardant Tailfeng lan cable, low smoke zero halogen/against termites, low smoke low halogen cable, mouse cable, oil/cold/heat resistance, abrasion resistance cable, medical/farm/mining cable, thin wire, etc. 4: telecommunication cable and optical fiber with nearly 20 years, the rapid development of communication industry, the product also has a remarkable development. From the past simple development to thousands of telephone and telegraph cable to cable, coaxial Tailfeng lan cable, optical cable, data cable, even combined communication cables, etc. The product structure size is usually small and uniform, manufacturing high accuracy requirement. 5: electromagnetic line ( The winding line) Mainly used for all kinds of motors, instruments and meters, etc. More power Tailfeng lan cable products please visit: http://www. jzsldl。 com/sulidianlan/
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