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You also need to understand a little empty lines of common sense

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-19
Overhead line in low voltage TN system of main line and branch line terminal, the PEN should be repeated in PE line or grounded. lines and overhead line in each building into the line, must repeat grounding ( If no special request, for small single building from the ground not more than 50 m can be excluded) , but with the users into the end of the neutral wire break line protection device, should comply with the requirements. Equipped with PEN line after the leakage current protection device does not allow a repeat grounding, neutral line ( The N line) , in addition to the power supply neutral point, should not repeat grounding. Low voltage line of every repeat grounding device grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 Ω. But in electrical equipment grounding resistance of grounding device allows up to 10 Ω network, every repeat grounding earthing resistance value should not exceed 30 Ω, repeat grounding at this time should not be less than 3. Three phase three core power Tailfeng lan cable sheath are connected to both ends of the metal, inside the substation cable supply metal sheath can use the main grounding network grounding. When the plastic Tailfeng lan cable is used, should be along the cable trench laying 1 ~ 2 pieces of ground wire ground on both ends.
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