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You don't know the power cable of the naming rules!

by:Taifeng Electronics     2021-01-13
As is known to all, now we are living without electricity and network, is inseparable from the cable supply. With the rapid development of economy, household appliances and the emergence of a variety of mechanical power cable size and kind also is more and more! A lot of customers in the choose and buy when, I don't know how to choose, the inside of the power cable products are professional, and domestic and foreign terms have not all the same, so the customer is very confusing! If segment, the product name will of power cable is very complex, is not good to remember. But don't worry, the jiaozuo power cable factory to teach your power cable naming rules, understand the naming rules of the product, so that customers in the selection of time can be more clear! In fact, people usually use a unified logo label and then combined with the power Tailfeng lan cable specifications to replace the complete name, such as 'low voltage cable' represents the rated voltage at zero. Up to and including 6/1 kv all plastic insulated power cable. So, we just according to the standard specifications of wire and cable, can clear the kinds of accurate power cable products. product names include the following three aspects: the first: applications or name of the second power cable products: power Tailfeng lan cable products structure and the materials used in the third: the main characteristics of the power cable products or additional features. Jiaozuo plastic cable supply factory is introduced to describe the general order of power cable structure is: follow the principle of from the inside out: the order of the conductor - - - - - -> Insulation - - - - - - -> Within the sheath - - - - - - -> The outer sheath - - - - - - -> Armor type, etc. Such a simple naming rules after understanding, find it very easy!
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