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You know how to identify good and bad cable

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-06-01
has a great application in our daily life, everyone cable when the choose and buy, know how to identify strengths and weaknesses, underneath, small make up will explain it to you. Indoor optical Tailfeng lan cable generally use PVC or flame retardant PVC, appearance should be smooth, shiny, flexibility, easy tear. Bad quality of fiber optic cable sheath finish is bad, the inside of the yi and tight set, aramid adhesion. Normal production manufacturer of outdoor cable wire is after phosphating, gray surface, after the steel wire rope is not increase the hydrogen loss, no rust, high strength. Poor general replace with fine wire or aluminium wire, cable identification method - easily - - - - - - With a white appearance, knead in hand can be arbitrarily curved. Regular production enterprises using double-sided brush anti-rust coating of longitudinal bandage grain steel belt, inferior Tailfeng lan cable USES is ordinary iron, usually only one antirust processing. Bad cable typically use non-woven fabric or paper tape, once the cable skin damaged, the consequences will be severe, install fiber optic cable pine casing PBT material should be used, the casing with high intensity, deformation, anti-aging. Inferior cable generally use PVC casing, the casing diameter is very thin, with the hand a pinch flat, a bit like we drink straws. Everyone in the differential fiber quality, can be carried out in accordance with the above method to identify, learn to identify the pros and cons of optical fiber cable is also a science.
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