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You know what's the difference between between coaxial cable and optical fiber cable?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-29
In the cable transmission shirakawa, coaxial Tailfeng lan cable and optical fiber cable, so what is the difference between them? Optical fiber cable manufacturer to tell you, the difference between them. Coaxial cable and optical fiber cable is the biggest difference between transmission speed, fiber optic cable than coaxial cable, fiber optic cable, of course, is currently the fastest transmission speed of a medium. Coaxial Tailfeng lan cable consists of a hollow metal circular tube ( Outer conductor) And a hard copper wires ( Inner conductor) Composition. Metal circular tube inner conductor is located in the heart, with polyethylene plastic gasket between inner and outer conductor insulation. In coaxial cable used in the local area network (LAN) was 75 Ω, Ω 50 and 93 Ω 3 kinds. RG59 type 75 Ω cable is community antenna television system ( CATV) Using standard cable, it is often used for the transmission frequency division multiplex FDM method of analog signals, frequency of up to 300 ~ 400 MHZ, called broadband transmission, can also be used to transmit digital signals. Is short for fiber optic cable, fiber optic cable is the medium transmitted light signals, it is made up of fiber core and cladding and the external layer of enhance the strength of the protective layer. Fiber core is to use silica mixed materials such as germanium, phosphorus, and cylindrical. Single-mode and multimode optical fiber cent two kinds, single mode provides only a light path and the multimode of multiple light path, large capacity of single mode fiber, the price is more expensive. Optical fiber can only be one-way transmission, for two-way communication, should be used in pairs. Domestic Tailfeng lan cable service speed reached 100 MBPS, and service providers, eventually will improve the number to 1 GBPS to 10 GBPS. For domestic Internet speed, still need to improve, or calls for the joint efforts of all walks of life, cable manufacturers are also trying to, create a harmonious and prosperous China.
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