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You really understand what of overhead lines?

by:Taifeng Electronics     2020-05-30
In substations and power plants, and industrial and mining enterprises in the use of the power cable is very broad, use also is very large, but once caught fire, it will cause serious blackout accidents and serious fires, produce a lot of smoke and poison gas, will be in a pollution to the environment, today we will look at how cable supply manufacturer about the performance of the product for fire and explosion prevention. So what is the cause of Tailfeng lan cable fire, the insulation of the product is made of plastic, the oil and asphalt, rubber, paper and other combustible material combination, so it has the possibility of fire explosion, therefore, the cause of fire explosion one, insulation caused by short circuit fault, the operation of cable for a long time. Immersion Tailfeng lan cable because of the difference among drip, leak connector box insulation breakdown, cable head combustion, and heat cause cable fire! The product at the time of launch damaged insulation or mechanical damage, or lead insulation breakdown. Fire broke out on outside protective layer caused by material and cable. If long time overload operation, the operating temperature of the product than normal heating allows high temperature, the cable insulation aging dry. Usually this kind of phenomenon occurs in the Tailfeng lan cable line. Above these is power cable manufacturer to explain some of the content of the product, if you are interested in our products or you have any requirements, please call our website contact phone number to contact with us, we will have customer service patient service for you.
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